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Jane Hunter

Welcome to Tuscany!
This area is undoubtedly one of the most panoramically scenic and unspoilt regions of Italy.

If you are reading this, then possibly you have already purchased your beautiful new Tuscan home...or perhaps you are still at the early stages, exploring ideas and viewing properties, either way, congratulations,...this is a very exciting moment no matter which stage you are at.

What a spectacular area to choose for your new home! For all of us who live here, this area of Western Tuscany is breathtakingly beautiful, offering a myriad of opportunities to see, taste and experience the abundant characteristics of this gorgeous corner of Italy. The scenery, the regional food and centuries of history...the many hilltop towns and villages... theatres, restaurants, cafes, museums, and so much more...a cultural and scenic delight to stimulate the senses every moment you are here. The heady fragrance of the indigenous flora and fauna permeates the air...ah, the magic of Tuscany !

Dining Room BEFORE redesign
Dining Room AFTER redesign

About Me
I am english. I was born on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Malta. I have travelled extensively in my life and lived in this region of Tuscany over the last fifteen years. During this time I have continued and progressed with my passion for buying and renovating property, utilising my experience and creative imagination to realise the full development potential of a building within it’s location. In close association with Real Estate Agencies, I have assisted buyers, vendors and owners, in visualising and exploring the design possibilities of a wide variety of properties and their interiors. My original training in Graphic Art and Design has formed the foundation for my overall creative design ability. In a variety of projects, I have explored the potential for re configuring internal spaces and proposed ideas for the possible addition of further volumes, where permitted. I have conceived initial concepts for a number of interior designs with my own properties, and undertaken a variety of design projects for several private individuals, in France, Italy and the UK spanning the last twenty years, all commisssions by personal recommendation.

I can offer initial advice and design ideas from the very early stages of your property development. It can sometimes be rather daunting to take on a restoration project in a foreign country, but providing the planning laws are adhered to, there are many opportunities for adapting and transforming an existing property into your dream Tuscan home. Over the years I have worked with local architects and builders, and can guide you in selecting the perfect professional to make your renovation project a reality. After defining new proposals and design ideas with me, the Milianti in house design agency can then take the process forwards with their very good technical office where they can formalise the designs and oversee the planning applications with the local commune.

Kitchen BEFORE redesign
Blog Kitchen AFTER redesign

In a new country it can be particulalrly challenging and bewildering to immediately visualise how you can maximise the potential for living space in your new Tuscan abode. By re designing and re configuring internal areas you can make an enormous difference to the flow of the property. Altering the existing footprint, and perhaps in some cases considering minor structural changes you can achieve a visually pleasing and practical environment conducive to modern living. It can be very exciting to create a dramatically different effect by making even minor alterations, enhancing and re defining the use of habitable space, introducing more light and air flow throughout the interior. My design concept is always to respect and embrace the integrity of the historic provenance of these beautiful old Tuscan buildings, whilst at the same time, introducing twenty first century luxury and comfort to the interiors.

The Final Details
After visulaising and finalising the best solution for the layout of the property, the next stage is the interior decoration. I am happy to assist with all areas of your project, including kitchen and bathroom fittings, wall paint and decorative effects, and finally sourcing the furniture and accessories. I can adapt and specifically define your personal preferences to create the interior of your dreams. Life in Tuscany during the summer months provides the opportunity to indulge all the wonderful pleasures of living outside, and so the external habitable areas are as important as the inside of the house. The two need to flow together as one. So many elements are important to consider in order to achieve this harmony of conjoined spaces. The proximity of the kitchen to the dining terrace, the barbecue, and the pool...and the general garden layout, all are crucial to enjoyment and relaxation. I look forward to meeting you !

Salotto BEFORE redesign
Blog Salotto AFTER redesign
Sitting area BEFORE redesign
Blog Sitting area AFTER redesign
Reception room BEFORE redesign
Blog Reception room AFTER redesign
Pool and garden BEFORE redesign
Blog Pool and garden AFTER redesign