Our Services

Our Services

Milianti s.a.s. is always on the lookout for the special property.

Views, historical value and most location are always high on the checklist thus guaranteeing the best properties to our clientele.

We offer sellers

  • Professional advice with regard to the valuation of your property
  • Identifying the best local and overseas markets in which to target the sale
  • Feasibility of the project together with cost efficient project management by our technical office
  • We select the clients we feel most appropriate and start negotiations with them
  • Information regarding market trends.
  • Translations
  • Assistance in all aspects of drawing up contracts and tackling all bureaucracy.

Property Management:

We are able to assist our clients even after the purchase of their properties, in all bureaucratic and technical aspects such as:

  • Transfer of the utilities contracts in their names (light, water and heating)
  • Assistance in the payment of the bills and taxes
  • Organization of the cleanliness both inside and outside (upon request of the committee)
  • Monthly check or weekly check of the property (we open the doors and windows and get it aired and we check if the systems are all properly functioning)
  • We can help you in the speech with the various technician such as plumber, electrician and our architect can assist you in the renovation of your property